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Supporting New Zealand Music

concerts, photos and a spot of travel..

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my passion, photos, concert photography, travel

from left to right, the Kavalliers in Auckland, Hank Marvin and I, a big concert in Singapore

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a life of exciting times

Travel, music, and photography is my full time hobby. I am an avid supporter of New Zealand music artists and here I outline some history as well as current experiences. If you have any articles, photos and wish to contribute please feel free to contact me.


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From a young boy bought up in the small coal mining town of Pukemiro in New Zealand I was interested in Electronics and listening to music. Many of my mates went to work digging coal. I was too lazy and dreamed of owning my own business one day. On the way to that goal electronics was a hobby.


With travel comes photos, I have created some galleries of my trips, my efforts at concert photography and my early days of pirate radio.


My grandparents imigrated to New Zealand in 1927 and as I was born here I wondered what the grass looked like in their native Great Britain. I made up my mind to go and look for myself when I was old enough and my passion for travel has never wained. I am happiest when I am in an airline seat, behind a camera or playing guitar.


My name is Steve Hilliar and I am passionate about travel, music, concert photography and concert promotion.

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If you are a New Zealand entertainer, have a gig and would like free photos, make contact.



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