Behind the music scene…….

Want to know the real stories behind the music industry?

Well, high fives man… because you’ve come to the right place!

This website and blog is the love-child of a small group of music junkies,

dedicated to bringing you a fusion of high energy photos and music.

The truth is, we’re a bunch of hopeless music enthusiasts who spend vast amounts of time sniffing around the key players and events in the music industry. We are seriously interested in high quality sound recordings, high quality photos and video. We also trawl the internet for all the real stories that make it the industry we love so much.

Well, OK, we actually waste a lot of time….

But we do it because we’re hooked on the industry. Can’t get enough of it.

Our photos and video will grab you by your eyeballs and take you behind the music scene

  • Ever thought about what may be behind that photograph?

  • Where was it taken?

  • What was that guitar being used?

  • What brand of effects pedal is on that lead guitar?

  • What kind of amplifier is producing that sound?

As an avid supporter of all things musical combined with a passion for photography and video we have always wanted to know, and perhaps why. This website will bring you the facts and reasons behind the photo or music track you have just listened to.

enjoy and we welcome your contributions and feedback…..


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