Steve Hilliar

Concert photography is my passion, having spent my life in the entertainment industry (Import and distribution of sound equipment) I now have the chance to capture some great pictures at spectacular events. I live in New Zealand and love helping people in the local entertainment industry.

My philosophy

To do the very best I can and keep learning.

  • Concert photography with silent shooting and NO flash
  • Respect for the artists
  • Respect for the audience

A brief history


The hard yards

Pukemiro Primary School, Huntly College New Zealand

Pukemiro is a small township in New Zealand and pleasant memories exist from those school days however the time spent at Huntly College was a nightmare, tough times so very minimal photos of that era exist in my collection.

Auckland Technical Institute

A much better period for me, studying to become a radio technician with a bunch of nice people.

Various Jobs

A series of jobs after 4 years with Plessey NZ Ltd.

Autocrat Radio, Beverley Bruce and Goldie, Concord Electronics and Radio Hauraki.

THEN, the big overseas experience 5 years in London UK.

Photographic work

1961 – 1967

Early New Zealand history, Radio Hauraki history

As I was bought up in that small coal mining village I have kept a number of historical photos from that era, steam trains, coal areas etc. In 1966 I joined a Pirate Radio Station, Radio Hauraki and have included a gallery of images on this website.

1967 – 1971

Overseas images

This is where my interest in photography really began. From Singapore to UK and Europe, ending with a magnificent overland journey from Munich Germany to Nepal.

  • Germany, Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey.
  • Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
  • Nepal, Hong Kong. Australia

1971 – current

Countries Visited Since

Someone told me once I was not happy unless my bum was on an airline seat. Almost true, here is a list of places visited since 1971

  • Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sicily, Lichtenstein, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia. Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Slovenia.
  • Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Macau.
  • Canada, North America, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Caribbean,
  • Morocco, Jordan, Egypt
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