Historical Photos

Historical photographs are well worth while archiving, over the years I have been lucky enough to grab the odd image that has become very interesting. Many were taken in the early days of Pirate Radio both in New Zealand and UK. Many taken in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal on an overland trip from Europe to India in 1971. These are classics and of course can never be repeated.

I am happy to assist others in restoring their own historical photographs if they feel they have a worthy collection.

Get in touch with me if you need assitance with your own

Pirate Radio Days

During 1966 I worked for Radio Hauraki, a New Zealand Pirate radio station that eventually was granted a land licence after 4 years at sea off the New Zealand coast. I have a great collection from those days taken on my old Yashica 35mm camera, both in colur and black and white.

Overland Travel

Yes indeed, from Europe to India by road in 1971, the trip of a life time.

Many of the photos are available to view on this site.

Coal mining days

I have a great collection of photographs from my childhood in the Waikato, a coal mining area where my father worked for 31 years underground. The toil and hard work by the people who lived in this area should never be forgotten.

History by others

I am happy to display history of New Zealand taken by others. You may submit your own photos by contacting me via the contact form here:

Get in touch now

If you have any interest in historical images, either in restoration, filing, archiving or public use please call and I will be pleased to help in any way I can.

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