This page is dedicated to people who have inspired me, and been very good to me throughout my life, people who have made a difference and no doubt inspired many others as well. It is no means complete but hopefully it will be before I leave the planet. THANK YOU ALL.

Family First

Walter and Mabel Hilliar (Grandmother and Grandfather)
Mary Britton (Grandmother)
Ellen Hilliar (Mother)
Walter Henry Hilliar (Father)
Trevor Hilliar (Brother)

Gay Hilliar (Wife)
Scott Hilliar (Son)
Nicole Hilliar (Daughter)

Family First
Chris Britton (Uncle)
Rachel Britton (Aunt)
Margaret Mackie (Aunt)
Alec Mackie (Uncle)
Kelvin Mackie (Cousin)
Graham Mackie (Cousin)
Lynette Mackie (Cousin)

All of these people have inspired, encouraged and believed in me, THANKS:

John Hendrie, Dave Keller, Bob Killip, Robert Snow, Stan Vause, Tom Rogers, Mike Balcombe, Peter Holden, Neville Thompson, John Bailey (Plessey NZ Ltd) 1962

Arthur Godfrey, Peter Mulgrew, Squire Speedy, (North Shore Radio Club) 1962

Bennie Gunn, Glyn Tucker, (Concord Electronics Ltd). 1966

Denis O”Callahan, David Gapes, Ian Magan, Derek Lowe, Chris Parkinson (Radio Hauraki) 1966

Colin Flavell, Bruce Templeton, Warwick Tweedy (Flatmates London UK). 1967

Roy Gasteen (Technical Trading Company) London UK 1967

Brian Jarvis, Ted and Bert Coleman (Dubreq Studios Ltd) London UK 1968

Andrew Smith, John Hendrie, (Torr Electronics NZ) 1971

Terry Eames, Terry Johansen, Tony Hough, Stephen Oliver, Jim Riley, Ian Treleaven. Bud Ellis, Richard Marshall, Ralph Barker, Steve Walker, David Perry, Bob Leveloff (Rank Xerox NZ Ltd) 1975

Paul Edlin (Creative Electronics Ltd NZ) 1981

Ken Kreisel, Jonas Miller (M&K Sound) Los Angeles USA 1981

Peter Gow (Miranda Hifi Sydney Australia) 1981

Bob Leveloff, Rosemary Leveloff, Gay Hilliar, (Sound Group Holdings Ltd NZ) 1981

Anthony Mosley, Howard Heiber (Audio Products International Canada) 1981

John Lee, Tom Lee Music Hong Kong.

Ian Woodhouse, Bob Pabst (Electrovoice USA) 1983

Frank Currulli (Frank Currulli Hifi NZ) 1982

Karl Nakahama ( Yamaha Japan) 1982

Anthony Marks (Air New Zealand) 1985

Ken Dwyer (Sydney Hifi Australia) 1990

Nunzio Mondia MTM Music Perth Western Australia