New Zealand Artists

I am a huge supporter of local musicians. Unfortunately our local talent tend to be hard done by with the Media in New Zealand. Television New Zealand and many broadcasting stations will not allocate any time for these enthusiastic people to express themselves. The great old days of the 1960’s have long gone mainly due to advances in technology. The night clubs have gone, some replaced by Karaoke bars and it is now very tough for our bands to acquire work. The odd Returned Services Clubs and one or two pubs have live music but few and far between.

If YOU have a band, OR if you are an entertainer please contact me and I would be happy to publish your details on this website free of charge.

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I am keen to photograph your event. I support all artists both International and local.

This is my passion and I do not charge for any photographic sessions. I attend when I can, the photos are free for all entertainers to use on the basis I get credit if used commercially.

NB: FREE does not include printed media, this I quote for and my prints are only available on the highest grade media paper that does not deteriorate over time.

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