Hank Marvin Interview

2013 was the very first tour of New Zealand by the Hank Marvin Gypsy Jazz Ensemble. Before the tour took place Neil Collins from Radio Dunedin had the opportunity to interview Hank on the telephone before the tour.


  • Click on the audio file above to listen.
  • Hear Hank with his typical dry sense of humour.
  • Once again a piece of history we are privileged to listen to;
  • The tour was presented and organized by Gray Bartlett

If it was not for Gray Bartlett and his generosity I would have never met hank Marvin and I would have not had the opportinty to take great photos and video of the concerts. The day Gray phoned me at the beginning of 2013 and informed me of his intention to promote the tour just floored me. What has gone on since has been a dream come true.

  • I met Hank Marvin for the first time in 2013.
  • My involvement during that tour was another dream that came true.
  • 2015 was a fantastic year as I got personally involved with touring both Australia and New Zealand with hank and the boys;
  • It continues to happen. We make our own luck do we not?



Can you do it?



Most people believe “It can’t be done” How many times do you hear someone say that? Almost daily if you listen. No wonder many people are doomed to fail. Many of us give up and settle for a lot less in life than we could have, on the other side of the coin many of us just work too hard believing we need a lot more than we really do. After a very rough start in life; living in a small coal mining village in New Zealand, receiving a very poor education, I was able to carve out a spectacular career. Despite failing all the exams at Huntly College, New Zealand, despite the wasted three miserable years there I was able to retire at 50 years old. Yes I had the help of many good people along the way plus self determination and I escaped working in a coal mine and made some interesting experiences happen.

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